“The word ‘slow’ speaks of a different tempo, conjuring up a sense of spaciousness and possibility, and richer, deeper experience of life. Its appeal stems from a growing awareness that the speed of contemporary life is propelling humans and the planet down a precarious, disconnected, and unsustainable path. The use of ‘slow’ is intended not only to encourage other paces of engagement, but also to inspire the pursuit of more holistic ways of knowing oneself, encountering others, sharing knowledge, and evolving together toward harmonious and resilient forms of living.”

          This project is about boredom. Everything nowadays is seen as an opportunity, an opportunity that must be used to live as optimally as possible and to sway with the rhythm that society determines. We are overwhelmed by everything we can do and everything seems to be within reach. Boredom no longer has a place in our society, we increasingly avoid it. But why are we avoiding and is this a good or bad development?
These objects are made to ease into boredom and take some SLOTH time.